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Burnsville Project completed!!

We took delivery late in May on this home for Ms. Smith and while it has been a rough road for me we got finished  5 weeks ahead of what I promised. Due to staffing issues I was onsite and more hands on on a project than I have been in years.  While stressful it was good, I rediscovered I can do things! and right even! This was a labor of love as this house was a gift from a man to his aunt who raised him after his parents passed. Really a beautiful story. We did a modular Cape with site built garage porch and rear deck. A lot of composite product to reduce maintenance for Cathy. Below are some pictures of the outcome. (I was short a few cabinet knobs when pictures taken , but their on now) . They are handling paving and landscaping which has not yet begun but Cathy is home now. And yes I’ve pressure washed since these pics 🙂 If we can help you please reach out! JD    (Click first pic then use right left arrows)