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Creative problem Solving!

Well we had an interesting problem at the Highlands project. A patio door off the master bedroom called for it to open onto a balcony /deck above the garage door. The problem with this was the original contractor did not run the ceiling joists in the garage to allow for a
cantilevered floor joist to be extended so there is no practical way to accomodate the plans. Originally we were to close off the door and make it basically an non opening window wall.

Instead of this I had a local Asheville welder fabricate a faux balcony rail. In the end this gave us a better look and it allows for the use of the door as a vent or emergency egress if needed ! The decks are completed and we are finishing the final exterior touches. On the inside the drywall is well underway. We are working inside when the weather stops our exterior progress.

Ok , drywall makes for not very exciting pictures , but you gotta have it!

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