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Foreclosure completion structural and code issues

rear deck bult on temporary bracing.

With this project we started on the exterior. As cold weather is approaching and Highlands is notorious for rough winters we wanted to work our way inside. We started with an inspection meeting so we would have the input of local inspectors . But an inspector was not needed to see some obvious code violations and just basic bad building practices. Decks were built on temp. posts with no footers as you can see. Dangerous at best and creating some creative excavation issues. Woodwork not caulked or flashed correctly. A bedroom with no operable egress window, that one shocked me two fixed windows in a bedroom… erosion at the foundation where drainage not done correctly. And also a patio door set up in the master bedroom to go to a balcony but the floor joists run the wrong way so there was no good way to bring joist in or cantilever the deck as it is over the garage.Of course the basics we needed fresh paint/stain and gutters . and an open chimney allowing water to pour in when it rained as well as minor roof leaks where shingles and flashing incomplete.

Click on the pictures to get an idea of what we are dealing with and check back to see our progress!

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