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Mountain Brook Homes offered Energy Star compliant homes well before “going green” was a common catchphrase.

Modular Homes and Green Building have always been a natural fit! Our homes are built in a controlled environment building and  by design use less material, resulting in a vast reduction of waste.


Following Green Building council guidelines we work carefully to maintain the site as naturally as possible. Careful measures to prevent erosion , minimal tree cutting as needed. Proper retainage and natural landscaping.

We work carefully to protect your future. We are now working on collecting working drawings from leading eco-architects that can be built in the stick, panel or modular fashion as well as our extensive plan library.


By selecting the proper materials we will start off on the right foot. Using sustainable and where possible re purposing existing materials we can build an environmentally friendly and efficient home .

We will help you choose the right product for your families comfort and create an insulation “envelope” that will save you money and keep your family comfortable for the life of your home! At the minimum it will be Energy Star rated!!


If you want a traditional high efficiency Water heater that is fine! But we can also work with you to use solar, tankless Or even a heat pump type water heating system for continued savings for the life of your home!

If you want to stop at energy efficient appliances and lighting or take it all the way to full solar installation we can design the correct system for you. We hold an unlimited license in Electrical contracting and have 30 yrs experience in the field!

The biggest part of your monthly operating cost are the heating and cooling of your home. Now you have more cost saving options than ever before; simple programmable thermostats, High efficiency heat pumps, Geothermal and solar assisted heating, Ask us to go over what is right for you!