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Happy Customer Checking In!

You know in this business it isn’t very often we get a whole lot of praise from the customer. Sure they are happy with their home and are enjoying it but like us all they get busy decorating , moving settling in etc.  So to hear from a customer six months after is very rare. Some of you may recall the home in PA we built last year, well I received the note below from the homeowner  LeRoy Best and with permission am reposting his note and pics. This kind of advertising you just can’t buy. Thank you LeRoy and I hope you have many years of happiness in your home.

J D Wallace – owner Mountain Brook Homes Inc.

“Good Afternoon JD,”

“I hope this finds you doing well.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 6-months in this wonderful home.
My diary tells me that one year ago yesterday this house was completely set on the foundation.
I thought you might like to have some pictures of this lovely place “One Year Later”.
I hope you enjoy !!!

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