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Kenilworth job completed , A very happy Customer!

Ms. Grant is planning to sell the home we just completed  at 6 Craggy Circle and as you can see it has significantly changed. from the before  during and after pics that we have posted it has become a very lovely home.

The original exterior was uncovered from beneath vinyl and we did a Cement siding board and batten to achieve the new look. you can see the full before and during shots in the earlier posts for all rooms and exterior.

I know I need a better camera/photographer but you can see how the refinished repaired floors along with drywall over stucco really cleaned up the look of the home. We left the interior white so the new owner can choose their look. Also the new recessed lights and wall mounted fans in the bedrooms really made the bedrooms open up.

The Sunroom got new cork floors larger “real” windows and great new doors and an overhead fan& light. A Rehab find gave us a great new front door.

New tile to ceiling surround a refinished tub and all new fixtures modernized the bath and half bath. New floor tile as well and yes I forgot to take a picture…

The kitchen was gutted and an old laundry closet became a refrigerator and laundry area with the aid of a barn type door also a rehab find . It got the refrigerator out of the floor and really opened the room. A new large opening window all new lighting, electrical, appliances cabinetry and granite.

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