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Progress on Best Home,

we be swamped.....

Well last we spoke I had been contracted to build a home for the Best Family . At this point we have pulled the permits and have the foundation complete. This is a modular project , next week we take delivery and set the home so look for a quick updating from this point forward.  oh and did I mention this project is in PA??  I was very flattered that the owner researched my company and wanted to work with me to design and draw his home for him from such a distance. The bad thing was that right after the site meeting Pa was inundated with rain.

This slowed progress but I hope all is back on track. I am working with Gibson builders in that area and Excel homes Inc. of PA is my modular supplier. I have worked with them on projects for years now and my own home is an Excel . I hope to get some of the new plans they have supplied me with up on the site very soon. for now take a look at this project as it unfolds!



material delivered

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