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Happy customer !!

A few months ago we completed a new home and garage project for the McElreath family. I was surprised yesterday when a third party company made me aware of an awesome review we received, Yes I am proud and wanted to share!! If we can ever help your family let us know!!


a month ago
This was my first home building project(at least as the buyer) and I had no idea what I was doing. JD had patience and honest advice throughout the process. There were a couple of delays throughout the process that were not JD’s fault, but he still did his best to make it right. I gave him 3 parameters in the beginning (square, plumb and level) and checked the work when no one was looking. I was always pleased to find the level bubble centered between the lines every time. And everything was always as square as efficient construction can be. Keith and his team were always professional and courteous and were never condescending when I had questions about the process.
I intentionally delayed this review for several months so that there was time for the little things that pop up after project completion to shake out. This way I could accurately review “service after the sale”. We did find one issue (again not Mountain Brook’s fault) and Keith and Butch came out and fixed it with no issue and in a timely manner. They even cleaned up after themselves.
Thanks JD and team for our forever home!!