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Long lapse but many changes happening!

So since I’ve last posted we have moved the office , begun doing more traditional builds but still offer the highest quality modular builds and now offer service to tract developers as GC /modular supplier. 

We have 2 projects underway and several at different permitting stages. Below are 2 projects we have going, the first a small bungalow on one of the steepest sites I have done as far as difficult access. This small bungalow is based on the Craftsman bungalow on our website and we hope to complete next month. The second is a nicely appointed smaller ranch from our Modular homes Woodland collection. The home was set 2 days ago and we are beginning the finish. This home will be delayed a bit to accommodate additional grading wanted by the homeowner. But hopefully a completion in May! Let us know if we can help you!!!