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Building code violations on the interior of The Highlands House

As a precautionary measure I had a local code enforcement officer go over the interior in its present condition to avoid addtional problems later that could be corrected now. He was concerned that there was not an engineered plan for the roof or wall wind and snow loads as Highlands is a notorious area for high wind and lots of snow.I contacted Rod Hudgins a licensed PE in Asheville NC I have worked with on many occasions. Rod is a practical and knowledgeable man to work with . here are some of the issues he saw as well as one or two the inspector reiterated that I had already seen. To be to code the window shown cannot be more  than 44″ above the finished floor and above the ground floor must have 5.7 sq ft of usable opening space. see just a few   of the other problems below and follow us to see how we fixed them!

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