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Woodland 2 story Home now out under $100 per sq ft rough set on foundation! turnkey $147 per sq ft!!

Answering the call to lower building costs! (Click Links for plans and specs!) turnkey as low as $243,000.00**

In an effort to come to grips with rising costs of building and supply shortages the folks at Excel Homes and us at Mountain Brook Homes have designed and are offering a simple series of homes the “Woodland” series. These homes have a much lower price point on the delivered product with delivered and set prices starting as low as $99 per sq ft!!!  pricing on link! download plans ,and specs via the links below the elevation.   Call us! 828-250-0004 or email us at [email protected]                                                                            Elevation shows optional dormer and onsite porch   

  WOODLAND 2-STORY 1650 sq ft $163,350…00                  The Woodland Two Story Finish Selection Guide 2-22-2022

** please  note our pricing on the Woodland homes reflects OSB sheathing already upgraded instead of the OxBoard standard.** 

This is not full turn key pricing.  It is however the home per the specs attached  below , including freight to Buncombe County, an allowance for the set of the home of $18k. (this is for crane and crew to set the home on the foundation raise the roof and get into the dry , ready for completion and set inspection).

**Assuming a  good access site with staging room clear level land , water/sewer available,  we include crawl space foundation. turnkey around $ 243,000.oo

We are working on Cape Cod a offerings. This is being achieved by creating functional yet unalterable plans with limited upgrades. The bones of these homes are what we have always offered and include the same service after the sell that has achieved Mountain Brook Homes an A+ Better Business rating since 2001. Yes we have had to make changes to the offerings in order to achieve this but we do offer some upgrades . However this gives you a solid home at a much more affordable price point. Check out the Woodland 2 story  elevations , pricing on link! download plans ,and specs via the links below the elevation. please call us with any questions or to set up a consultation. we look forward to hearing from you!! 828-250-0004